Video Camera Hire

Does your company want to record your boardroom meetings? If not, they should; a lot can be captured. Is your event more of a ‘fun party’ or a ballroom? Great! You’ll love having us there, recording every precious moment.

Not only do we have the right cameras, but we also have the experts that work the magic. What’s more, is that Av1 Morocco will help you edit the video; in case you’re looking for a ‘montage’ to be made. We will capture the essence of your event, and you’ll thank us as you’re watching. You’re welcome!

Av1 Morocco can provide you with a ‘designed for full broadcast quality’ cameras, to semi-professional devices – it all depends on your needs. Furthermore, we’re using name products, and we’re proud of that fact – especially our Panasonic cameras. With their products, we can remove the need for teams of operators. They’re small but effective; with a 20x optical zoom that can be placed anywhere. And more importantly, it only requires a couple of operators. Besides Panasonic, we use hundreds of different brands. Get in contact if you’ve got some questions for us, we’ll gladly answer.

Browse our website, you should find lists of our products, as well as a little something about us, look around for a while. For more information, feel free to contact us for a discussion and a quote.