Projector Hire

We have met the necessities of the twenty-first century. And we’re here to say ‘Good news! We’ve heavily invested in some of the best projectors on the market.’ Now, we’re offering them for hire. Your event will be appropriately and fashionably lit. We will meet your budget – and requirements.

It all depends on your event and requirements. Our products range from small meeting projectors to the Panasonic 20k. The latter will be perfect for ballroom or outdoor events. Moreover, we possess dozens of projectors in between. We’re sure that you’re going to find what suits your event. It’s a point of pride with us to always provide a balance between budget and needs.

You will be the one deciding the terms. It ultimately depends on whether you’ll hire the projector for a single day, a week, or even longer. We will discuss your event once you get in touch with one of our experts. They will help you find a plan that works for both parties. Different variations are taking place; such as the number of attendees, venue size, and more. Moreover, we understand that every event is different, and we’ll use our expertise to turn that into a virtue.

Our team will advise you regarding the ultimate products that will suit your event. We’re constantly striving to up our game, and with your dreams and our know-how, we’ll surely make your event stellarly succeed.

Since we’re a bundle of professionals, we have the ability to advise you on which products to suit your event. We will realize the vision that you have, whether you’re a business owner, or as an individual.

Browse our website, you should find lists of our products, as well as a little something about us, look around for a while. For more information, feel free to contact us for a discussion and a quote.

Boardroom Projector Hire

For your boardroom situations, we’ll provide you with ones that fit in confined spaces. That will allow your audience to have a better grasp of your vision. Your idea will be presented with elegance, and clear vision.

Conference Projector Hire

No matter your venue or situation, we’ll be able to cater to your needs. Your conference will be informative, your gala will be stunning, and your convention will take breaths.

Ultra Wide Projection

If you’re in it for effects, and factors that leaves audiences amazed, then you’ll certainly appreciate our Ultra Wide Projection. Amazing effects and a wide clear look that will definitely add a value to your event.

Architectural Projection

Here’s and idea; captivate your audience even before they enter your event. Av1 Morocco will transform the exterior of a building, to create amazing effects. This will be custom made, and that means we have tremendous room for imagination.