Plasma Screen Hire

If you’ve got an upcoming event, and want pictures, movies, or you’ve got a unique idea that needs to be displayed, you should go for modern TVs. They include LED, LCD, and ‘plasma’ screens. Av1 Morocco will provide you with a personalized service that caters to your needs. These are fairly easy to install and are lightweight. Rather than a standard projector, dive into technology a little steeper and have a 55-inch screen that will light your venue.

TV manufacturers have been working hard. They have produced a 75-inch option. This is perfect for both outdoor, and indoor events. This 75-inch LED/LCD is the undefeated champion of its niche. People from afar will have no trouble reading from it. Its clarity is tremendous, and the TV itself is quite tremendous – which adds visual value to your event.

Email us, or call us. Our team of experts will answer your questions. Browse our website, you should find lists of our products, as well as a little something about us, look around for a while.

Latest LCD/LED Technolgy

Av1 Morocco supplies a wide range of LCD screens for various applications. Our products range from 32” to 75” – now that’s a wide range.

Mount to almost anything

Your image will be displayed where you want. All you need to so is point where. We’ll supply you with the right stands. We will also provide you with foldback floor stands, as well as mount to truss.

Custom Video Walls

Our creative, and masterful, staff will grant your event an extra feature. Our customized video walls will definitely add a charm. Your audience will surely be amazed.

Vision/Video Equipment Hire

We’ll also hire full digital systems that include cameras, projectors, live switching desks, as well as recording decks. Our wide range will be a great addition to your Plasma/ LCD hire.  Rest assured, they’re all of high quality – that’s always the case with us.