Lighting Hire

Lighting plays a vital role in your event. It drastically changes the feel, as well as contribute to your event’s look. We’ll be your experienced companion on your journey. We’ve been helping businesses and individuals light up their events, and there’s nothing that makes us joyous more than their smile of satisfaction – and the occasional thumbs up. We’ll provide the appropriate advice and solutions to your business, and we’ll dedicate our time to make you feel glad you chose us.

We’ll transform your event from ‘enjoyable’ to ‘unforgettable’. We’ve invested in all things lighting, and that means that we now hold the highest standard of equipment. Including, LED tricolors, LED moving fixtures,  Martine/Robe products, and basic par cans.

A common misconception is that lighting isn’t an issue when the event is going to be held outdoors. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And we invite those who say so to watch a ‘ Red Carpet Scene’. Our lightings are a huge factor at any event; birthdays, anniversaries, and almost every outdoor party. With the help of our hundreds of products, we’ll surely exceed your needs – and the result will be diamonds. We also offer foggers, hazers, and numerous other accessories.

We’ll offer the same help we do with audio and visual technologies. Your lighting will leave a lasting impact, and we’ll be there to make sure that it’s a good one. Regardless of your venue, our team will be able to make it shine.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help, email or call us, and one of our sales experts – who are hilarious, by the way – will contact you and help you with everything that you may need.

Stage Lighting Hire

Whether it’s a concert hall event, or a small conference; with us, it will be properly lit. our large inventory of stage lighting include wash and spotlights. Of course, we will be assembling everything together. And of course, with expertise and haste.

LED Lighting Hire

If you’re looking for a touch of colorful splashes, then you’ll definitely appreciate our large range of LED lights that include strip and spot lights. We will also provide you with moving LED fixtures if your event needs it.

Intelligent moving Lighting Hire

Av1 Morocco is so intelligent, even its lights are… sort of. If your event requires a certain level of excitement, we will happily provide you with intelligent moving lights, as well as large sky tracking lights. We will reach the effect and looks you’re looking for, and we’ll infuse happiness with excitement.

Lighting Equipment Hire

Av1 Morocco will supply your light show with it’s lighting equipment. If you’re planning to have a flawless show, then you’ll certainly need digital lighting control systems , power management and cables, and stands and truss. We’ll be with you on every step of the way – and everything will go as planned.