The advent of portable, WIFI-enabled devices allows us to be online and connect with people anytime, anywhere.

Put it in perspective…

It’s just about time to open the venue doors, and in a few minutes thousands of attendees will swarm into your event hall. The success of your event lies in the audience’s hands, and among them there is a constant demand to get a stable internet connection.

Only a high-caliber WIFI network can handle the capacity to connect thousands at once, a simple router won’t do. 

Grab the audience and pull them in from their fingertips to experience your event. Splash your event theme, branding, logo, and sponsor information on the captive portal page to enable the HD WIFI connection.

  • User analytics & data
  • Dedicated on-site support
  • Unified wireless solution

AVD High-Density WIFI capabilities deliver unmatched performance, resiliency and scalability.