Aerial filming

These are the times of aerial filming, and we’ve fully grasped that. Our SUA’s (Small Unmanned Aircrafts) have a built-in GPS technology and a stabilized camera gimbal. This allows us to capture cinematic 4k shots. You will be able to watch the footage before our SUA’s land. We’ll capture smooth, captivating shots.

Aerial photography

Feel free to ‘interrupt’ us mid-shooting. Our systems can switch between photography and video recording while maintaining the same high-resolution images and videos. We can supply RAW or JPEG images (5280 x 3956); these are ideal for print-based media.


We’ve passed written and practical exams in order to be certified. We also have an exquisite safety record and risk assessment.

We use a DJI Inspire 1 Pro and a DJI Mavic, in order to capture the essence of what you’re trying to film. You will be able to see exactly what’s being captured, thanks to our pilots’ live point-of-view display.

Being a licensed company yields numerous advantages. By using our Aerial production, you’ll be making use of the same advantages. Also, you’ll be granted peace of mind that allows both parties to carry in a professional, calm, and safe manner.


Capturing aerial photos and videos is cheaper, contrary to popular belief. We’re more than happy to provide you with an estimate of what would cost to use our services – free of charge. However, the following fee guide is what we principally use.


Depending on the type of production and video/pictures you’re looking for, we use different equipment. However, the Inspire 1 has aided us to produce revelating content. It was the first filmmaking drone in the world to integrate HD video transmissions, as well as a 360º rotating gimbal, and of course, a 4k camera. Not only that, but the application control is fairly simple.

Our DJI Mavic Pro is somewhat small, yet, it remains as one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras. Once we laid our eyes on its technical sheet, we knew that it’s a must to have it on our equipment list.


Is fully insured and licensed?

Well yes, yes we are.

We have cherry-picked our team members, and they have undergone and passed written and practical exams. That shows their level of competency and their ability to operate an SUA.

Can you use your drones indoors?

Most definitely!

Our drones have ‘visual positioning systems’; this helps us have indoor flights. All that’s required is permission from the owner and a full risk assessment. Although, it has been tremendously successful, and safe to use a gimbal rig that’s stabilized.

How long can you fly for?

Our drones can fly for good 14-18 minutes, generally speaking. However, strong winds can cause the drone’s batter to deplete – as the drone fights against it. However, we can charge on site for jobs that require longer flight times.

In our experience, 14-18 minutes is more time than enough to obtain captivating videos and images.

Is the weather a problem? Are there any circumstances where you can’t fly?

We avoid flying in snow, rain, and wind above 15mph. Our drones’ electronics are highly sensitive. But, weather can be predicted, therefore, we have a forecasts team. They keep an eye on forecasts and inform us on whether we should fly on this weather.

How far, fast and high can your drones go?

Our pilots must be within direct visual contact of the drone and must be no more than 500m away. The drones can go up as high as 120m.

Can you Livestream to a bigger screen?

We sure can!

Our drones have an HD download link; this means that we can share what we’re filming in real-time, no matter the screen size. We can also Livestream to your audience via Facebook live.

How many crew members are needed to fly a drone?

Usually, we advise an additional camera operator. However, it often depends on the type of job.